The expertise developed throughout these years by our firm assures you a perfect assistance in real estate law both technically and with specific issues.

Expertise dedicated to structuring your projects

The experience of each of our employees facilitates and guarantees exchanges with our teams. The proposed solutions combine the aspects of legal, financial and tax engineering and strive to remain in tune with the specifics of each company and each executive we advise.

An active partnership

THE BROQUET firm is particularly keen to provide an operational perspective and solutions. The firm devotes his efforts to solving all the engineering aspects related to the real estate sector. We never underestimate the strength of the human relationship and the synergy of competence between its expert real estate and tax lawyers and you directly present in the field.

A solution you should never rule out

Through its commitment to alternative dispute resolution methods, trained in collaborative processes, the Cabinet seeks to promote amicable agreement to litigation.

These solutions lead to the search for a short-term solution, with a controlled cost and by making parts of the players in the resolution of their disputes. The result is all the more accepted.

These solutions give back the keys to a productive dialogue between the parties, to find the most appropriate solution, to resolve the whole conflict in the long term, while mastering the modalities of implementation of the agreement reached.

They also help to recreate a social bond between the parties, avoiding the violence of the confrontation of a trial. It thus ensures the continuity of relations, which is an indispensable asset for companies especially when commercial relations must continue at the end of the dispute.