The firm BROQUET has dedicated its skills to solving the problems of architects, real estate developers and private investors.

Reassure the man behind the businessman.

This is the credo of our firm in the context of advising and defending your interests as real estate players.

Because being interested in specific solutions is the essence of the Cabinet.

An essential job

« I have vivid memories of these nightly meetings around the architects’ plans as well as construction plans »

Stephane BROQUET

Its founding partner developed an important knowledge of the real estate sector long before he decided to make it his profession.

This gives the firm an almost intimate knowledge of your needs. Faced with your own problems in his family, Stéphane BROQUET is all the more able to give you today the most appropriate advice to put in place on a practical level the devices essential to your success.

THE BROQUET firm is committed to developing and maintaining quasi-family ties with you. It follows you throughout your real estate projects (urban planning, construction, implementation of financing plans, taxation of the sale, litigation of delivery delays, rental management…).

An original look at the real estate trades

Our ability to look at the real estate sector through the prism of developers and construction contractors enriches our analysis of your problems and provides even more operational solutions.

This real estate practitioner’s look allows us to better follow your decision-making process, assist you and advise you in the search for financial funds as well as on your construction, urban planning or even marketing.

Our firm can thus prevent and insure the disputes following the delivery of your real estate (reserves, delays in deliveries, procedures in hidden defects).

Our obsession, the search for an exceptional relationship

Our dual culture, that of real estate and that of law, crossed with a systematic in-depth processing of files has fostered since our creation the development of long-term relationships with a clientele that makes us ever more Confidence.

In Cabinet Broquet, the bond of trust is not a decoy.

We ensure the best results through constant proximity, both in the fluidity of our relations with you and within our team of lawyers.

The innovation of our solutions stems from the complexity of your problems.