BROQUET Law Firm supports you throughout your projects. We can intervene both upstream as a consultant to secure them and downstream regarding possible conflicts with bankers, partners, subcontractors or your customers.

A long-term follow-up

To meet this specification, we always begin with a forecasting of the various problems that may arise throughout its implementation. This approach includes any updating and adaptation to the reality of the field (unforeseen, crisis management, etc.).

Our obsession at every moment is for us to build ambitious and visionary solutions. Our lawyers have a singular interest in improving and perfecting your real estate projects.

A history that does not deceive

The family past of its founder, Stéphane BROQUET, underpins the firm’s credibility. He represents the fourth generation of real estate players and brings with him the experience of nearly a century of practice in the real estate market.

The firm BROQUET supports you throughout your projects, mentoring them in order to free you from their burden (legal, administrative, tax).

Maintaining a strong bond with our customers

This unfailing bond with you is the basis of our vocation. The latter is only possible by actively and in-depth listening to your needs.

We wear a point of honor to privilege closeness and a human and lasting relationship with fidelity and sincerity.

The sense of commitment is the inescapable state of being of each of our lawyers.