Broquet Law firm, composed of real estate business lawyers, is strongly influenced by the desire to work hand in hand with its clients and participate in the success of their activity.

Encouraging proximity with the customer

The customer is at the heart of our lawyer’s profession, law is only a tiny component.

Calling on Broquet Law Frirm means ensuring the availability of your dedicated lawyer in all stages of your company’s activity, from its creation to its expansion, including its financing. Our lawyers are easily accessible both in the advisory and the litigation phase.

If our firm has been close to you for 10 years in real estate, it is no coincidence.

Heir to three generations of building entrepreneurs, its founder, Maître Stéphane BROQUET, has been immersed since his earliest childhood in this real estate environment that he has come to know and appreciate.

This is why we have sharpened his spirit of curiosity and his interest in matter throughout these years.

To better meet your needs, BROQUET is flexible in adapting to the organization of your company. To this end, we also offer a corporate lawyer service. It consists in the provision of a lawyer over a defined period of time per week or per month to deal with the problems of your company:

a part of the time takes place directly within your company, thus facilitating access to the lawyer;

another complementary part in a practice that does not require a face-to-face meeting consists in carrying out work for your clients.

Our firm’s trademark is its constant quest for efficiency, fuelled by an ever-changing curiosity for the changing subject of taxation applied to real estate law. The firm’s lawyers constantly combine flexibility and accessibility to meet the problems of this sector of activity.

Establishing a trustbased relationship

Within Broquet Law Firm, any business relationship is based on reciprocal and lasting trust between the lawyer and his client.

This is why more than 80% of our customers work hand in hand with us over periods of more than 5 years.

 » The most important thing for us is to preserve this trustbased Relationship. »

This requires a measured analysis of our clients’ risks. Each advice is carefully considered and for any proposed solution, we formulate with our client the level of risk that may be involved.

 » Caution is the keyword in our relationship »

It is this unique and sincere relationship with you that allows you to make informed strategic decisions.

Even more than prudence, our cases are dealt with the utmost righteousness.

Building a human discourse

We are accompanying the person behind the businessman.

Through controlled prudence, we enable you to make your strategic decisions in full knowledge of the facts.

By democratizing legal thinking, our accessible and local approach allows us to be responsive and adaptable to each of your problems, both as a preventive measure and in the event of a conflict.

It is this requirement that Cabinet Broquet particularly emphasizes, its adaptability and flawless reactivity in the processing of files adapted to your specific needs, those of real estate

Transmitting the culture of well-doing

We treat the cases you entrust to us with the greatest care. The almost Cartesian rigour and meticulous analysis of your situation allow us to ensure a high degree of quality and precision in the answers provided.

Combined with the flexibility of our organization, we are constantly seeking to be the ideal partner for your entrepreneurial success.

It is through the constant attention of our lawyers to the issues of real estate and taxation combined with high standards that a real relationship of trust can be established, conducive to the establishment of coherent development policies in a calm and serene environment.